Paryushan Mahaparva 2022


Paryushan Mahaparva 2022 (22nd Aug – 1st Sep)

We are blessed to have Pujya Sadhvi Shri Shilapiji supported by Pujya Sadhvi Shri Sumedhaji lead us in Paryushan 2022. Pujya Sadhvi Shri Shilapiji, from Veerayatan, India, is well known to many in India and Overseas. She has been associated with Veerayatan since 1986 and has been instrumental, in creating world-class primary and vocational schools and specialized technical colleges in the poor desert region of Kutch, Gujarat. Her intellectual brilliance, heart-warming compassion, complete dedication to service and profound faith and spirituality continue to inspire all who meet her. Pujya Sadhvi Shriji has a master’s degree with first class in Financial Management and she completed a master’s degree with distinction in Comparative Indian Religions at King’s College in London in 1996. Her mastery of Sanskrit, Prakrit, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi and English has enabled her to touch the lives of people of different faith and background across the world. Pujya Sadhvi Shriji has also been associated with SJRS for many years, having led us in Paryushan and Shibirs in the past the most recent one being the SJRS Batam Shibir in 2019.

Pujya Sadhvi Shri Sumedhaji, from Veerayatan, India, A sadhvi since 1999, she has dignified Bihar’s glory and currently renders significant services in Kutch. She has been involved in children’s shibirs and has a great way to make friends with kids. She has also been associated with SJRS in the past having joined us in 2019 at the SJRS Batam Shibir as one of the Shibir Leaders.


This year with the relaxation of the Covid-19 safe management measures and with SJRS50 celebrations, SJRS MC looks forward to a grand Paryushan 2022. Key highlights of Paryushan 2022 are summarised below:

  • Special Bhakti Program (Tuesday Aug 22 8.15pm – 10.15pm)
    • A special bhakti program led by Dhirenbhai Sanghvi/Musicians will be held on the day prior to the start of Paryushan 2022. A wonderful way to get into the bhaav for Paryushan Mahaparv 2022
  • Daily Paryushan Program
    • Bhakti in the morning and evening prior to start of the pravachans.
    • Morning pravachans will be on Acharang Sutra
    • Evening pravachans will be on Atmashodhan Samayik Path (written by Shri Acharya Amitgati)
    • Daily Pratikraman at the Sthanak
  • Samvatsari Pratikraman (Wednesday 31 Aug)
    • Deravasi community will have Samvatsari Pratikraman from 3.00pm to 6.00pm
    • Sthanakvasi community will have Samvatsari Pratikraman from 6.15pm to 8.30pm
  • English Pratikraman (Saturday 27 Aug, 3.00pm – 4.30pm)
    • English Pratikraman was first introduced during Paryushan in 2014, by Shri Pravinbhai K Shah. As chairperson of the JAINA Education committee and Jain e-Library in-charge, he had worked with other Jain leaders to create this publication of English Pratikraman, meant for all Jains, including youth and children.
    • We will be conducting the Pratikraman based on the latest version. It would be an additional Pratikraman, planned to enable all to attend and with your families.
    • If any member is keen to assist in conducting, please contact Paragbhai Desai (9653 2045). We encourage everyone to attend.
  • Swastik Competition (Sunday 28 Aug, 11.30am – 12.45pm) @ Sthanak
    • Swastik competition will be open to all age groups.
    • Prior registration will be required. Please register your participation with Dhaval Desai (9111 1576) with the name and age of the participant. Limited slots are available.
    • Only plain rice (white or brown) and dry grains should be used for making the Swastik. Coloured rice will NOT be permitted.
    • Base to draw the Swastik can be brought from home or can be provided on request.
    • All materials to be brought from home by each participant.
  • Chaitya Paripati – Sangh Yatra (Sunday 4 Sep, 8:30am – 12:30pm)
    • Chaitya Paripati is one of the five kartvya’s of Paryushan. It follows the Jain traditional practice of “Local Tirth Yatra” by visiting Jain temples for darshan.
    • SJRS is pleased to conduct the Sangh Yatra this year in person once again.
    • Light lunch will be provided after the event. Kindly note that a prior registration is required for this event. A small token of registration fee $5/- will apply for each participant over 6 years of age. Registration is open for limited seats on first-come-first-serve basis.
    • Please register your name with Chandrakant Bhai Shah (81271653).
  • Swami Vatsalya Lunch (Sunday 11 Sep)

Swami Vatsalya lunch will once again be held at the Sthanak. To avoid food wastage or shortage, registration will be mandatory. Link to register will be shared later.

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