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A Short History

SINGAPORE JAIN RELIGIOUS SOCIETY Situated at Smt Nirmalaben Chandulal Doshi Jain Sthanak @ 18 Jalan Yasin, Singapore 417991 How We Came To Be Jains have settled in Singapore since the beginning of this century just before or after the first world war (1910 – 1914). There is no historical date available on the exact date, …

Management Committee (2024/2025)

Board of Trustees Naginbhai J. Doshi   Jayakantbhai J. Shah   Dr. Mukundbhai H. Doshi Management Committee   President Kenal Kothari Vice President Parresh Timbadia Secretary Bhavin Sanghvi Asst. Secretary Bhumil Mehta Treasurer Hitesh Shah Asst. Treasurer Vimal Varadiya Committee Member Avnish Doshi Committee Member Dhaval Desai Committee Member Rajesh Shah Committee Member Ravi Shah …