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About SJS

Inspiring Jain Values in Our Little Ones Singapore Jain Shala (SJS) aims to provide a strong base and an all-rounded education of our Jain traditions and principles, and to promote moral values to mould them into becoming ‘a good Jain’. The Shala is open to ANY Jain child above 4 years of age and is …


School Year The school year starts on the 1st Sunday after Mahavir Jayanti and ends on the last Sunday before Mahavir Jayanti (approximately April – April). Students are to register at the start of each school year (or anytime later for new students), and only children who are at least 4 years and above are …


Classes are currently conducted on Zoom due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation.  If you know of anyone whose children are between 4-12 years old, please encourage them to send them for Jain Shala. They can register their children by emailing

School Prayers

Jain Shala Prayer Jay karanárá jin-vará, Dukh harnárá dev, Páth padhu pahelo prabhu,Naman-tano nitya-mev {1} Pratham namuń Arihant ne, Bijá Siddha bhagwán, Trijá shree Áchárya-ne, Namuń taji dai tant {2] Upádhyáy upakáriyá, jnán taná datár , Naman karuń nirmal thavá, Bhav-jal Táranhár{3} Sádhu suńdar lok- mań,sádhvio shanagár, Saghláne snehe hajo, Vandan váramˋ-vár {4} Namaskár pad …