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Request for Use of SJRS Premises:

SJRS Donor Data Form for Monthly Contribution using GIRO:

  • We encourage all working adult Jains to contribute to support various expenditure incurred by the society on ongoing basis on regular basis.
  • To make recurring monthly contributions please print, fill and sign GIRO form and send across to us. We are grateful for your kind consideration and contribution.

SJRS Membership Application:

  • We strongly encourage all working adult Jains who have settled down in Singapore to join as SJRS LIFE members. It is a one time membership fee and you will be an SJRS member for LIFE.
  • If you will be staying in Singapore for only a couple of years, you can sign up as an SJRS Ordinary Member. You will have to ensure you renew your SJRS Ordinary Membership every year as SJRS Ordinary Membership is for a calendar year only i.e. it ends on the 31st of Dec for the year of membership.
  • Process for Membership application
    1. Download and fill up the Membership Application Form. (IMPORTANT TIP: You could you free edition of Acrobat Reader on computer to fill the form without printing it. It is under menu option Sign -> Fill and Sign , Detailed instructions for Windows 10 PC  and for MAC PC ). 
    2. Email the form to
    3. Make payment below using New Ordinary Membership or Life Membership options.
    4. Your membership application will be reviewed by SJRS Management Committee (SJRS MC) in the next monthly SJRS MC meeting and you will be informed by email on the outcome. (Allow for about 30-45 days for the review and processing upon submission of both your form and payment.)
  • Please note that membership forms emailed without PayPal payment, or PayPal payment made without following up with membership forms being emailed will delay your membership application process as SJRS MC will only review your membership application after receiving BOTH the form and payment.

SJRS Ordinary Membership Renewals:

  • For ordinary membership renewals,
    • Make payment below using Renew Ordinary Membership option.


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