Answers to Frequently Asked Questions from Overseas Visitors

1.  What are the timings for visiting the Jain Sthanak for Puja & Darshan?
(Please also refer to our website www.sjrs.org.sg for latest information & updates on same)

The most current visiting timings as well as advice on specific events that could change the same are stated on our website www.sjrs.org.sg. However, generally and for your quick reference, they are:

Mornings – Puja & Darshan

8.00am to 11.00am Mon to Fri
8.00am to 12.30pm Sat, Sun & Public Holidays

Evenings – Darshan Only (No Puja)

6.00pm to 8.00pm Mon to Sat
(Closed on Sunday & Public Holidays)

Any Daily Puja of the Bhagwan Mahavir Swami Murti (51”), will be guided by the following :-
a. Puja clothes must be worn when doing puja or touching the Murti.
b. Kesar, Milk, Perfume, Silver Foil, or Gold Foil are not allowed to be applied to the Murti at
any time. Only Sandalwood paste or powder (chandan) can be used.
c. Puja must only be done on the 9 limbs of the Idol (Nav Angi).
d. Rice grains must not be sprinkled at the idol.
e. If a Diva or Agarbathi has already been lighted, a second one should not be lighted.
f. Any items taken for use in Puja or Prayers must be cleaned and returned to the proper
place after the puja. All other offerings must be cleared after the puja. Any items left
behind will be removed.

Please observe the Darshan/Puja rules strictly as advised above and as displayed at the Sthanak as well as the guidance, as advised by our caretaker.

These timings may be preempted in case of a society event, in which case you may not have access to the prayer hall. We apologise for that. 

2. What is the address & telephone number at the Jain Sthanak & How can we get there ?

The Singapore Jain Religious Sthanak premises are located at
18 Jalan Yasin (Eunos Area),
Singapore 417991.
Tel no: (65) 67427829.

The Postal Address is : Katong P. O. Box 106, Singapore 914304

The nearest MRT station is Eunos. You may also take bus services 2, 24, 51, 55, 67.
You can find our location on the map here.

 3. Are there accommodation rooms and/or Jain food services available at the Jain Sthanak ?

We regret to advice that we do not have any accommodation facilities or Jain food services at the Singapore Jain Religious Sthanak premises.

4. We would like to stay/live in proximity of the Jain Sthanak. Please advise areas/locations in Singapore which would be suitable for such purpose.

As for living near the Jain Sthanak, it is best to choose a location for home near the East e.g. Bedok, Eunos, Marine Parade (generally known as Katong or East Coast area) etc.

Rental and living costs in Singapore are high in the East so you should budget carefully before considering where to reside (especially if you are with your family).

For short stays, there are a number of hotels in the vicinity, which can be checked via a hotel booking site, such as www.bookings.com.

5. Where can we get Jain Food in Singapore?

There are no contract food facilities that we are aware of in Singapore. Jain food in Singapore is offered at some restaurants, such as Bombay Café, Ananda Bhavan and Raj restaurant, all of which are in the Serangoon area. You may try to contact some of them and see if they can offer daily delivery service to your location of residence while in Singapore.

Some Indian vegetarian restaurants in Singapore which serve Jain food:

  1. Mumbai Magic – 42 Race Course Road, Little India , Singapore 218557 Tel : +65 6291 1337
  2. Kailash Parbat – 3 Belilios Road, Little India , Singapore 219924 Tel: +65 6291 5545
  3. Raj Restaurant – 172 Race Course Road, #01-01/05 Soho @ Farrer, 218605  Tel: +65 6297 1716
  4. Café Salivation – 176 Race Course Road, Little India , Singapore 218607 Tel: +65 6298 1412
  5. Balaji Bhawan – 103 Syed Alwi Road, (opp Mustafa Center), Singapore 207679 Tel: +65 6341 7797
  6. Swaad – 70 Desker Road, Little India, Singapore 209593 Tel: +65 9890 0061
  7. Ananda Bhavan – 10 Buffalo Road, Little India , Singapore 219784
  8. Nalan Restaurant – 13 Stamford Road, #B2-54 Capitol Piazza, Singapore 178905  Tel: +65 6336 6404
  9. Komala Vilas– 76 Serangoon Road, Singapore 217981 Tel: +65 6293 6980
  10. Gokul – 19 Upper Dickson Road , Singapore 207478 Tel: +65 6396 7769
  11. Murugan Idli Shop – 76 Syed Alwi Road (opp Mustaffa Center) , Singapore 207655Tel: +65 6298 0858
  12. Bombay Café – 308 Tanjong Katong Road, Singapore 207658 Tel: 6345 0070
  13. Udipi Ganesh Vilas – 10 Ceylon Road, Singapore 429606 Tel: 6348 7708

These are just a few suggestions, not in order of merit,  and we do not specially endorse anyone of them. There are many more restaurants out there all over Singapore, Indian or otherwise, who are familiar with jain or vegan cuisine –  just enquire with them or visit their websites before making your way there.

6. We are Jains from overseas and planning to visit Singapore. Please advise us briefly on the Jain community & Society in Singapore.

The Jains in Singapore come under the banner of the Singapore Jain Religious Society (SJRS). We are a small Jain community of about 450 families, living  harmoniously with one another. Our Jain Sthanak is at 18 Jalan Yasin (in the Eunos area). There is a beautiful Murti of Bhagwan Mahavir(Darshani)  consecrated at the Sthanak  and can be visited for Darshan and Puja, as per timings advised above.

The Jain Society in Singapore welcomes all Jains whether Sthanakvasi, Deravasi, Terapanthi, Digambar, Oswal or Porwad – speaking any language and regardless of creed, and can become a member and carry out Jain religious activities, keeping to the fundamental principles of Jainism. The Society maintains its prime objective of preserving Jain unity in Singapore. Even the Agams advice that religious activities could be changed according to time, place or sentiments; and the Jain Society in Singapore keeps this progressive attitude in fulfilling such needs but maintains fundamental Jain principles.

7. We are a group of Jains or a Jain Tour Group and would like to include a visit to the Jain Sthanak in our itinerary when in Singapore. Please advise how we can organize the same.

We apologise that we do not cater to tour groups or groups of tourists as we do not have the facilities to do so.

8. I have young children who will move with my family to Singapore. Please advice on the education system in Singapore.

The education system in Singapore is mostly public schools that are considered the best in the world. Our system is based on Cambridge, having O Levels & A Levels (similar to Indian SSC & HSC).

There are also some schools offering IB programs. However, your children will be considered as foreigners (with higher fees) till the time you get your Permanent Residency (should you choose to).

There are also many options to enroll them in private schools (from India, Australia, USA, etc). These are the much more expensive options and you can search the net for some of these. The few Indian Schools are Global Indian (formerly Delhi Public School) and Singapore International School. See this link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_international_schools_in_Singapore.

This FAQ will be updated from time to time with more answers to regular queries.

Last updated: 15th March, 2018

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