President’s Message

Jai Jinendra,

Dear Members

Concluding the SJRS’ 52nd AGM, I thank you all, for the unwavering trust and support in making the past year spiritually and socially uplifting.

SJRS Management Committee 2024

Our journey in the past year was marked by a vibrant array of programs and Jain festivals celebrated across all age groups. We touched lives through Commit initiatives and had a plethora of external engagements. This was possible with the grace and krupa of Dev-Guru-Dharma, the blessings of our Vadils (seniors), and an unparalleled seva bhaav of all volunteers, committee members and their families.

As we step into the new term, let us embrace the opportunity to deepen our faith and internalize our sadhana in ways that resonate with everyone. The committee will curate programs to foster personal growth and contribute to the community around us. These initiatives, starting with the upcoming Mahavir Jayanti program will seek to celebrate our unity with a diverse and harmonious society.

May this year be filled with spirituality, compassion, and collective progress of all.

Kenal Kothari
President, SJRS

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