Commit was started in late 2009 to help focus SJRS members make a more focused and consolidated charity contribution to the wider Singaporean community, particularly the needy and less fortunate, and for our members and SJRS sub-groups and committees to directly participate and learn from these meaningful engagements.

Since its inception, Commit has had a series of activities with Sunlove, its adopted charity, and also with other organisations.  Continued efforts have been made to not only meet the needs of the locally adopted charity, but also to serve other organisations, respond to overseas crises and increase environmental awareness.

Commit activities caters to all age groups in our community.  

There are various ways you can be part of Commit

  • donate / contribute in cash or in kind

You can contribute for the benefit of Sunlove residents or other needy organisations. You can do this on a regular or ad hoc basis or on occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, memoriums, etc.

  • sponsor items on “needs list”

Sunlove beneficiaries regularly have needs for their home that they are unable to afford themselves. You can make their day by sponsoring the items. 

  • spend your time or resources for activities at Sunlove or in SJRS events

Have some time to spend? Why not join the Commit team and bring a smile to others

  • have an idea?

Any ideas or suggestions to help the community is welcome! …Anyone can contribute !

Still thinking….Some food for thoughts….

“Everyone can give something. Even if you can’t give money or material objects, you can give time, knowledge, wisdom, skills, leadership, attention, touch, advice, hope, laughter, or love.

Love is a universal need and spans all countries, cultures, and faiths.

Those who are blessed with knowledge and wisdom have a responsibility to share their knowledge and wisdom.

Time and money are both valuable resources. Give as much as you can of them both.

If you give people skills, you empower them.

When you give an attentive ear, you are giving utmost respect.

Give what you need most in order to experience the real power of giving.

Take a balanced approach to life and to giving.”


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