CNY Holidays – Shibir 2024 “Check & Change”

Dear Members,

SJRS MC is pleased to advise that we will be starting 2024 with a fun filled Local Shibir @ SJRS Sthanak during the CNY 2024 holidays from Sat 10th Feb 2024 to Mon 12th Feb 2024.

The theme of the Shibir this year is  “Check and Change”.

The program is specially curated for each age group of adult and children with interactive activities in the form of Audio/Visuals, Quiz, and Performances and it is inclusive of breakfast and lunch. The sessions promise to be highly engaging and are not to be missed.

Shibir Facilitators

With the grace of Rashtrasant Param Gurudev Shree Namramuni Maharaj Saheb, a special team comprising of 3 Shibir Facilitators from Parasdham, India will be joining us to lead the Shibir.

In Param Gurudev’s sanidhya for the past 14+ years, Paritosh bhai has been an inspiration for innumerable seekers with his sheer devotion and humility. He will be leading the Adults Swadhaya for us this year. Being a powerful motivational speaker, he has represented Param Gurudev and his missions on several occasions in India and abroad with the goal of sharing what he himself has earned with one and all. He has delivered thought provoking sessions to the Jain Community abroad, sharing his personal experiences pertaining to Aatma Shuddhi & Vrutti Parivartan, Paritosh bhai’s strength lies in bringing to life the teachings of Lord Mahavir into action in the present world. His talks on topics like Anger management, Power of Positive Thinking, Stress Management, Success with Spirituality, etc. helps him effectively present a real life account of the transformation that he has experienced and witnessed; and thus give religion and spirituality a logical, real world meaning which easily connects with today’s young generation.

Shashan Prabhavak Dipali Didi Shah is deeply associated with Look n Learn (LnL), a modern-day pathshala since 2013 and gives seva as a LnL didi. She has been on the faculty of LnL and is currently also a member of the Global LnL core team. She has delivered various sessions in many LnL centres like Jamshedpur, Ahmedabad, etc. and has also conducted LnL online global sessions. Apart from teaching she also serves in the tech team of LnL. She will be facilitating the Children’s Group sessions during the Shibir.

Shashan Prabhavak Janvi Didi Shah was a student of Look n Learn since 2013. With great enthusiasm, she has been in the teaching faculty since 2022. She has also been teaching the NRI kids of the age group 8-14 years. With a deep feeling of gratitude towards Jinshasan in her heart, she always searches for opportunities to offer seva to Jinshasan. She is leading a mission, Arham Paathshala, with a team in which 100+ underprivileged children are taught moral values and the JAIN WAY OF LIVING. She will be facilitating the Children’s Group sessions during the Shibir.

Shibir Program

The format of the Shibir will be as follows with a daily start of breakfast at 8.30am.

Registration for the Shibir is mandatory to assist with logistics, avoid food wastage and help defray the cost of meals. As with any of the programs organised by SJRS MC, we’re working hard to reduce costs without compromising on the quality of the Shibir. Hence, we are pleased to inform that the fees are highly subsidised. We would also encourage anyone who would like to make contributions to sponsor, to kindly approach any of the MC members. The registration costs are as follows for SJRS members and non-members:

Category of Shibir ParticipantSJRS MembersNon SJRS Members
Children below 4 years oldNo ChargeNo Charge
Children (4 to 12 years old)$25$40
Seniors (65 years old and above)$25$40
All the Rest (17 to 64 years old)$50$80

The above cost is inclusive of 3 breakfast and 3 lunches.

To qualify for SJRS Members rate, you must have an active SJRS membership as of January 2024.

Please register for the Shibir at the following link:

Registration is now closed.

Due to the upfront logistics costs, we will not be able to refund any cancellation after registration.

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President’s Message

Jai Jinendra,

Kenal Kothari, SJRS President

By the grace of Dev-Guru and Dharma, Im honored and blessed to have been given this opportunity to offer seva for our SJRS Sangh. I express my sincere gratitude to the outgoing president, Shri Parreshbhai Timbadia and the entire committee for their dedicated seva. 🙏

With blessings from our Vadils and selfless dedication and support from the entire committee, I feel confident that we will continue to strengthen our society’s values, to foster a spirit of unity through dharma prabhavna, and to enhance our outreach and impact in the community through seva. I believe our society has a vital role to play in promoting interfaith dialog and contributing to our nations harmony through love and respect towards each other and their beliefs.

I invite all our members to join me in this journey and to share your ideas, talents and resources on how we can achieve our goals together. I close with a reflection on the universal virtues of Maitri (Friendliness), Pramod (Appreciation), Karuna (Compassion) and Madhyasthata (Equanimity), that inspire us to build positive relationships. 🙏

Kenal Kothari
SJRS President

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Adult Swadhyay Classes

Dear Members,

Sunday Swadhyay session are held at the Sthanak.  Members  and  families who are interested to join Adult Swadhyay can join the Swadhyay WhatsApp group by scanning the following QR code.

Adult Swadhyay Class

Jai Jinendra

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Jain Shala Classes Update

Dear Members,

The Jain Shala classes for 2023 are ongoing. Email for more information.

Jai Jinendra

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