Sthanak re-opening for Darshan!

Dear members,

You will be very happy to know that after almost 2 months of circuit-break closure, we are opening the sthanak for darshan. Under Phase 1 rules, there are a number of rules and restrictions that we have to observe for your safety. You can read the detailed guidelines here.


We have devised a booking system on a “first come-first served” basis. Please scan this QR code or follow this link

Let’s follow the guidelines, be safe, and we will be able to resume our normal religious activities very soon.



Jai Jinendra

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Adult Swadhyay Classes

Dear Members,

SJRS continues to conduct the weekly Sunday Swadhyay session over Skype. Members  and  families who are interested to join Adult Swadhyay can join the Swadhyay WhatsApp group by scanning the following QR code.

Adult Swadhyay Class


Jai Jinendra

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Jain Shala Classes Online!

Dear members,

The kids have been missing their Jain Shala friends and teachers for the past 2 months, so SJS teachers have decided to commence online Jain Shala classes via Zoom from 7th June 2020. Each class will be for a duration of 40-60 minutes and will start at 10:30am sharp. Note that not all levels will have classes every week – classes will be staggered (weekly / bi-weekly classes per level).

The teachers will be dividing the children into groups, and the respective teachers will contact the parents to advise them on their children’s class dates, Zoom ID, passwords & any other details for the specific groups. We encourage all kids to participate and attendance will be taken by teachers.

Parents can liaise directly with the specific teacher who would have added the parents on the respective WhatsApp groups. More details will be shared shortly and we hope the kids will enjoy these virtual classes, until physical classes can re-commence at our Sthanak premises.

In the meantime, if any parents have any questions or need clarification, please contact Jain Shala Head Teacher, Dollyben Shah.

Jai Jinendra

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More Help for Migrant Workers

Dear Members,
We thank you all for your overwhelming response to our Roti making collaboration with Gurudwara for Migrant Workers. Here is another opportunity to contribute and support migrant workers (as detailed in the following flyer). W

Help for Migrant Workers

An initiative to extend more help to our migrant workers.

We encourage all to support this noble cause

Jai Jinendra🙏🏻

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Roti for Migrant Workers Project

Dear Members
We are pleased to share that our Volunteers delivered 3000++ Rotis last Friday for the SJRS Roti for Migrant Workers Project, which we are working on  in collaboration with Katong Sikh Gurudwara. This Project will continue to be run by our Commit and Ladies Wing teams.

We appreciate your Seva and thank all those who made the rotis – from hundreds of homes across Singapore – as well as our Area ICs who coordinated the collection and delivery of the rotis to the Gurudwara. 

The Katong Gurudwara has been running LOP – Langar (Free food for all in need) Outreach Program which is entirely funded and run by a group of volunteers from various races and faiths, and needs more support during this current Covid-19 situation.

We would like to reassure members that NO Rotis go to waste. The Gurudwara is extending distributions of meals to the migrant workers, construction sites, organizations that run free meal programs,the needy and also to stranded Indian students.

They have requested us to provide Rotis/chapatis which can be made by our members, and then delivered to them or collected by our area representatives.

Members who drive and wish to volunteer for delivery Seva can also reach out to help, as we need volunteers who can pick up from various locations.  
We sincerely encourage all members to contact any member of the MC or email to, to take this opportunity to do Seva during this challenging period, be it by volunteering to make the rotis or helping to deliver them.
Jai Jinendra🙏

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IRO Pledge on Social Defence

Dear Members,

The IRO, with the support of leaders and members of the Hindu, Jewish, Zoroastrian, Buddhist, Taoist, Jain, Christian, Muslim, Sikh and the Baha’i Faith communities in Singapore, affirmed a new Inter-Religious Pledge to Strengthen Our Social Defence During the COVID-19 Pandemic.

This Pledge was launched on 28 April 2020 (Refer to the Straits Times Article) at the Digital IRO Day in the presence of Ms Grace Fu, Minister for Culture, Community and Youth, members, partners and friends of IRO.

IRO Pledge for Social Defence

We urge all fellow Singapore citizens and residents in undertaking this pledge to safeguard the social cohesion of our country during this crisis period.

Let us play our part to strengthen our country’s social defence during this crisis period.

Jai Jinendra

Hashtag:   #pledge4SocialDefence

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Prayer from Harmony Centre

Dear members,
The Harmony Centre has issued the following prayer video, which includes a few lines from our president. Please do have a look by clicking on the link below:

 Link to SJRS Facebook

Jai Jinendra

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Postponement of Annual General Meeting

48th AGM 2020 – Postponed

   As per the Notice issued to Members on 9th March 2020, our Society’s 48th Annual General Meeting (AGM) was scheduled to be held on Sunday Mar 29, 2020 at 10.30 am. In view of the heightened concerns regarding Covid-19 pandemic in Singapore, special advisories have been issued to all religious societies. We have been advised to practise Social distancing, avoid activities involving Seniors, and minimise fellowship over communal meals.

   In view of these restrictions, the MC has decided to postpone the 48th AGM. At this stage, we anticipate
to reschedule our 48th AGM to be held within the 2nd Quarter 2020, subject to further guidance on the evolving pandemic situation. The current MC will continue in office until the 48th AGM is held.
As this postponement is contrary to our Constitution, we consulted the Registry of Societies and they advised that the Membership of a Society is the final entity to whom an MC is answerable to. Hence, the MC looks forward to your understanding and support of this decision to postpone. If any Member has any objections to the postponing of the AGM, do write in to us at

   Also, if any Member has any urgent concerns on the advised Agenda of the 48th AGM, they may also write-in to the MC via email at All such inputs received will be appropriately reviewed and reverted.

   The MC sincerely seeks the understanding and support of all our members during these unprecedented times.

Jai Jinendra

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Ayambil Oli (31 Mar – 8 Apr 2020) – Cancelled

Ayambil Oli (31 Mar – 8 Apr 2020) – Cancelled

   The Sangh has been organising Ayambil Oli annually during Chaitra Month for many decades and all
volunteers and tapasvis very much look forward to it. This year’s Ayambil Oli falls between 31st March – 8th April 2020. However, we now live in exceptional times with the COVID-19 pandemic evolving and with heightened measures put in place by the government. As such the Management Committee, having reviewed the various advisories & practices and collated feedback from our society members, regret to advice that we will have to cancel the Ayambil Oli at this present time.

   This was a very tough decision  and not lightly made. The safety of our members & families and community took precedence over everything else. The MC considered many different scenarios and possibilities to organize the Ayambil Oli or at least facilitate the members to perform Ayambil Oli. However, considering that:

– Government advisories have been issued to all Religious Organisations to cancel all activities that involve senior members or the preparation and serving of food
– Guidelines are to be followed on maintaining social and physical distancing
– Other religious houses/faiths island wide have discontinued all activities which involve crowds, for example Gurudwaras have discontinued with Langar (involves cooking and serving of food), Mosques have cancelled their Friday prayers and Churches have discontinued with their mass.
– Jain Sanghs globally including those in India, US and various other neighbouring countries have cancelled conducting of Ayambil Oli in their respective Sangh.
– Very thorough cleaning of Sthanak would have to be done every day after every meal.
– Since Ayambil Oli involves preparing and serving of food with a substantial number of people visiting Sthanak, there is a high chance of community spread and jeopardizing the health of various members and their families.
– Even preparing and passing of tiffins would raise the possibility of contamination and spreading of the virus to the wider community.

    Considering all of the above, the MC has regretfully decided to cancel Chaitra month Oli.

   The MC is proposing to conduct the full Ayambil Oli during the “Aso” month (i.e. 23rd – 31st October 2020) period, so that members will still have the opportunity within this year, to do Ayambils and full Oli under the Sangh at Sthanak as members have been doing yearly, as long as the situation at that time allows.

   During this “Chaitra” (i.e. April) Oli, members are encouraged to practise Ayambils by themselves at home (members are strongly discouraged from congregating in groups at any person’s home for the same reasons given above).

Check out the following websites for information on preparing Ayambil food at home:

This was a tough call, but it is in these trying times that we as a Sangh need to take bold and unprecedented decisions for the safety and benefit of our members and families and the community at large. Thank you for your understanding.

Jai Jinendra

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  24TH MARCH 2020

Dear Members,
   In view of the present coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we hope and trust that all of you, along with your family members and loved ones are keeping safe and healthy.
   The Management Committee of SJRS is looking at this situation very seriously – the well being of our members is paramount. We constantly monitor the advisories issued by the various authorities in Singapore (e.g. MOH, MCCY) and are implementing all necessary precautions possible for SJRS activities and at SJRS premises. As most will be aware, the following measures have already been implemented at our Sthanak:

a. Hand sanitisers have been placed at various locations – please use them
b. Temperature taking is mandatory for every person entering SJRS premises
c. Travel declaration form must be completed by every person
d. Every person’s contact details are being recorded for possible contact tracing
e. There is now a single entry and exit point

   Furthermore, in light of the latest advisories, Jain Shala, Sunday Bhaktamar and Sunday Swadhyay will NOT take place until further notice. Request for Sthanak usage by any private groups is also suspended until further notice.

   The Sthanak remains open for Darshan and Puja as per the usual timings. Members who are coming for Darshan and Puja are encouraged to bring their own Puja items so as to minimize contact with others. Members are requested to sanitise your hands before and after using puja items such as Dhoop/Dipak.

   Please co-operate with our Care taker and volunteers to take your temperature and record your personal particulars for contact tracing.

   All members and their families are not to visit the Sthanak  within 14 days of their return to Singapore, or if they are not feeling well or have flu like symptoms (e.g. sore throat, fever, cough etc.)

   We encourage members to please download the new Government mobile App “TraceTogether” at to play our part in community-driven contact tracing.

Be well, be safe.

Jai Jinendra

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Sthanak Renovation

Dear Members,

Our Sthanak will be undergoing renovation work soon and it will involve enhancements & repairs to the full sthanak. 

Renovation Period: Thu 2nd Jan 2020 – Tue 31st Mar 2020

Sthanak Closure Period:
* Thu 2nd Jan – Fri 3rd Jan
* Mon 6th Jan – Fri 10th Jan
* Mon 13th Jan – Fri 17th Jan

During the above Sthanak Closure Period:
1) Weekday Activities: Evening Darshan will continue to be available as per the usual timing from 6pm-8pm on ALL week days.
2) Weekend Activities: Puja/Darshan/Bhaktamar/Jain Shala Classes/Adult Swadhyay will also continue as per the usual timings.

Should there be any changes to the renovation schedules, members will be advised through WhatsApp.

All members and their families are advised to exercise caution when visiting the Sthanak during the Renovation Period.

Should you encounter any issues or have any feedback regarding the renovation, please approach any of the MC members or email <>. Please do not interact with the contractor staff directly.

Thank you for your understanding and support. We apologise for the inconveniences you may face during the Renovation Period.🙏

Jai Jinendra

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Privacy Policy

Dear members,

We have recently updated our privacy policy. This page now also contains a disclaimer regarding recording of audio and video at events sponsored or organised by SJRS.

You may view the details of this policy and disclaimer by clicking Privacy Policy or on the link in the main menu at the top of this page.

Jai Jinendra

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