Sthanak Renovation

Dear Members,

Our Sthanak will be undergoing renovation work soon and it will involve enhancements & repairs to the full sthanak. 

Renovation Period: Thu 2nd Jan 2020 – Tue 31st Mar 2020

Sthanak Closure Period:
* Thu 2nd Jan – Fri 3rd Jan
* Mon 6th Jan – Fri 10th Jan
* Mon 13th Jan – Fri 17th Jan

During the above Sthanak Closure Period:
1) Weekday Activities: Evening Darshan will continue to be available as per the usual timing from 6pm-8pm on ALL week days.
2) Weekend Activities: Puja/Darshan/Bhaktamar/Jain Shala Classes/Adult Swadhyay will also continue as per the usual timings.

Should there be any changes to the renovation schedules, members will be advised through WhatsApp.

All members and their families are advised to exercise caution when visiting the Sthanak during the Renovation Period.

Should you encounter any issues or have any feedback regarding the renovation, please approach any of the MC members or email <>. Please do not interact with the contractor staff directly.

Thank you for your understanding and support. We apologise for the inconveniences you may face during the Renovation Period.🙏

Jai Jinendra

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Jain Shala Classes for Jan to Mar 2020

Dear Parents,

Kindly take note of the time table for classes from 1st Jan to 31st Mar 2020  here.

For newly enrolled students, parents may contact any of the teachers or MC members in case of any queries.

Jai Jinendra

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Privacy Policy

Dear members,

We have recently updated our privacy policy. This page now also contains a disclaimer regarding recording of audio and video at events sponsored or organised by SJRS.

You may view the details of this policy and disclaimer by clicking Privacy Policy or on the link in the main menu at the top of this page.

Jai Jinendra

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