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About YJS

Young Jains of Singapore was formed to build up a strong sense of comradeship between Jain youths from ages 13 yrs to 25 yrs. The members of this group organise their own activities and also take part in organising and conducting activities for the society. Our latest event for SG 50, “Under One Roof” was …

YJS Mngt

YJS MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE 2017     Contact us by email:  yjs@sjrs.org.sg President- Vismaey Vice Pres – Mega DEVELOPMENT & FINANCE Vismaey Shah Muvil Kothari COMMUNITY OUTREACH Mega Mohnot Sayyam Doshi PUBLIC RELATIONS & MARKETING Jaeni Shah Juhi Shah EVENTS OPERATION & LOGISTICS Hersh Timbadia Dhayan MEMBERSHIP Vinisha Goda Mahir Goda SECRETARIAT Roshni Doshi⁠⁠⁠⁠ Contact us …

Seva Trip to Rajkot – 2016

4 girls made a trip to Rajkot, and under the supervision of Samanji Shrutpragyaji, experienced first hand what it means to do seva. Read more about it by following this link: Detailed report – Rajkot Seva Trip (Mega – 01 Jan17)