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Inspiring Jain Values in our Little Ones


Singapore Jain Shala (SJS) aims to provide a strong base and an all-rounded education of our Jain traditions and principles, and to promote moral values to mould them into becoming ‘a good Jain’. The Shala is open to ANY Jain child above 4 years of age and is completely free of any charges to the student (e.g. books, materials, ransport, etc). Classes are held most Sundays (except school holidays) from 10.15 am to 12.30 pm at the Jain Sthanak.

A broad-based curriculum has been specially created for our unique Singapore context, with the teachings also tailored to each student’s ability and aptitude, which enables them to apply and practice Jainism in the globalised world in which they live.

All students are divided into 3 main levels (with 2 sub-levels each), and “graduate” (with certificates presented at each stage!) upon completion of curriculum at their own pace.


A Brief History

  • SJS was conducted informally for our society’s children for a number of years
  • In 1982, a formalised SJS was launched, with classes on Sunday mornings at the Sthanak. Madhuben Doshi was the head teacher, and taught for the next 24 years
  • The year 2007 saw the beginning of the next significant chapter – the re-structuring of SJS towards broadening the syllabus and modernising the teaching & learning methods, content and equipment (esp. multi-media). The teaching staff strength totalled 5, and a sub-committee (to support and manage SJS) was also formally set-up, all to cater to the increased student size and curriculum scope. The teaching staff has since expanded to 8 teachers.


Objectives :

  • The main objective is to provide a well-rounded education of our Jain traditions and values, and to tailor the teachings to each student’s ability and aptitude, which will enhance the learning of Jainism and also stimulate and sustain the interest of each student
  • To impart various aspects of the religion in a structured leaning format, and to inculcate the love of Jainism and its values, in an interesting an engaging manner
  • To promote moral values and create inter-faith understanding and awareness in this globalised world
  • To facilitate close social interaction and enduring friendships between all our society’s children

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