About Ladies Wing

The main objectives of the ladies wing are:
1. To organise activities that cater to the needs of the women in the society
2. To support the senior citizens in all their activities.
3. To support the sangh in their regular activities.

The Ladies Wing started in the 1990s when a group of like-minded women got together to plan and execute an annual Senior Citizens day. This flagship event highlighted the vacuum there was in the community for women-led initiatives.

The group expanded its focus and galvanised the women to plan activities such as jagrans, swadhyay sessions, bhakti nights, Mothers’ day get-togethers and Diwali gatherings. They have also actively supported the sangh by helping out at the Shibirs and all sangh events – sangh jaman, ayambil oli and Mahavir Jayanti.

With the success of our Senior Citizens’ programme, there now is an active Senior Citizens’ committee that plans their own activities, supported by the Ladies Wing.

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