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Students & Mngt

Students and Management

Students are children of our Singapore Jain community members, and these boys and girls range in age from 4 to 12 years, and are studying at the kindergarten and primary school levels at our local and international schools in Singapore. They are all also from DIGAMBAR&SVETAMBAR sects, and from Hindi-speaking and Gujarati-speaking households of our community


Jain Shala Teachers

SJS has a total of 8 teachers. They are all volunteer ladies from our community who are able to teach at various knowledge levels and languages (English, Gujarati & Hindi). The teachers are:


Dollyben Shah
Hemaben Mehta
Hemaben Shah
Swatiben Shah
Artiben Kothari
Tejalben Shah
Nimishaben Timbadia
Pannaben Timbadia


Jain Shala Sub-committee

This SJS administration sub-committee supports the teachers & students, and facilitates & manages the SJS structure, and also communicates with external organisations. It is supported and headed by a SJRS Management Committee member. The sub-committee members are:


Parreshbhai Timbadia
Dhavalbhai Desai




We are always happy to welcome YOUR contribution of your time, effort, talents/skills (or anything else useful you can think of!) in any way you can, be it part/full-time, short/long-term, from home or at sthanak. Please contact us at

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