Roti for Migrant Workers Project

Dear Members
We are pleased to share that our Volunteers delivered 3000++ Rotis last Friday for the SJRS Roti for Migrant Workers Project, which we are working on  in collaboration with Katong Sikh Gurudwara. This Project will continue to be run by our Commit and Ladies Wing teams.

We appreciate your Seva and thank all those who made the rotis – from hundreds of homes across Singapore – as well as our Area ICs who coordinated the collection and delivery of the rotis to the Gurudwara. 

The Katong Gurudwara has been running LOP – Langar (Free food for all in need) Outreach Program which is entirely funded and run by a group of volunteers from various races and faiths, and needs more support during this current Covid-19 situation.

We would like to reassure members that NO Rotis go to waste. The Gurudwara is extending distributions of meals to the migrant workers, construction sites, organizations that run free meal programs,the needy and also to stranded Indian students.

They have requested us to provide Rotis/chapatis which can be made by our members, and then delivered to them or collected by our area representatives.

Members who drive and wish to volunteer for delivery Seva can also reach out to help, as we need volunteers who can pick up from various locations.  
We sincerely encourage all members to contact any member of the MC or email to, to take this opportunity to do Seva during this challenging period, be it by volunteering to make the rotis or helping to deliver them.
Jai Jinendra🙏

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