Ayambil Oli (31 Mar – 8 Apr 2020) – Cancelled

Ayambil Oli (31 Mar – 8 Apr 2020) – Cancelled

   The Sangh has been organising Ayambil Oli annually during Chaitra Month for many decades and all
volunteers and tapasvis very much look forward to it. This year’s Ayambil Oli falls between 31st March – 8th April 2020. However, we now live in exceptional times with the COVID-19 pandemic evolving and with heightened measures put in place by the government. As such the Management Committee, having reviewed the various advisories & practices and collated feedback from our society members, regret to advice that we will have to cancel the Ayambil Oli at this present time.

   This was a very tough decision  and not lightly made. The safety of our members & families and community took precedence over everything else. The MC considered many different scenarios and possibilities to organize the Ayambil Oli or at least facilitate the members to perform Ayambil Oli. However, considering that:

– Government advisories have been issued to all Religious Organisations to cancel all activities that involve senior members or the preparation and serving of food
– Guidelines are to be followed on maintaining social and physical distancing
– Other religious houses/faiths island wide have discontinued all activities which involve crowds, for example Gurudwaras have discontinued with Langar (involves cooking and serving of food), Mosques have cancelled their Friday prayers and Churches have discontinued with their mass.
– Jain Sanghs globally including those in India, US and various other neighbouring countries have cancelled conducting of Ayambil Oli in their respective Sangh.
– Very thorough cleaning of Sthanak would have to be done every day after every meal.
– Since Ayambil Oli involves preparing and serving of food with a substantial number of people visiting Sthanak, there is a high chance of community spread and jeopardizing the health of various members and their families.
– Even preparing and passing of tiffins would raise the possibility of contamination and spreading of the virus to the wider community.

    Considering all of the above, the MC has regretfully decided to cancel Chaitra month Oli.

   The MC is proposing to conduct the full Ayambil Oli during the “Aso” month (i.e. 23rd – 31st October 2020) period, so that members will still have the opportunity within this year, to do Ayambils and full Oli under the Sangh at Sthanak as members have been doing yearly, as long as the situation at that time allows.

   During this “Chaitra” (i.e. April) Oli, members are encouraged to practise Ayambils by themselves at home (members are strongly discouraged from congregating in groups at any person’s home for the same reasons given above).

Check out the following websites for information on preparing Ayambil food at home:

This was a tough call, but it is in these trying times that we as a Sangh need to take bold and unprecedented decisions for the safety and benefit of our members and families and the community at large. Thank you for your understanding.

Jai Jinendra

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