24TH MARCH 2020

Dear Members,
   In view of the present coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we hope and trust that all of you, along with your family members and loved ones are keeping safe and healthy.
   The Management Committee of SJRS is looking at this situation very seriously – the well being of our members is paramount. We constantly monitor the advisories issued by the various authorities in Singapore (e.g. MOH, MCCY) and are implementing all necessary precautions possible for SJRS activities and at SJRS premises. As most will be aware, the following measures have already been implemented at our Sthanak:

a. Hand sanitisers have been placed at various locations – please use them
b. Temperature taking is mandatory for every person entering SJRS premises
c. Travel declaration form must be completed by every person
d. Every person’s contact details are being recorded for possible contact tracing
e. There is now a single entry and exit point

   Furthermore, in light of the latest advisories, Jain Shala, Sunday Bhaktamar and Sunday Swadhyay will NOT take place until further notice. Request for Sthanak usage by any private groups is also suspended until further notice.

   The Sthanak remains open for Darshan and Puja as per the usual timings. Members who are coming for Darshan and Puja are encouraged to bring their own Puja items so as to minimize contact with others. Members are requested to sanitise your hands before and after using puja items such as Dhoop/Dipak.

   Please co-operate with our Care taker and volunteers to take your temperature and record your personal particulars for contact tracing.

   All members and their families are not to visit the Sthanak  within 14 days of their return to Singapore, or if they are not feeling well or have flu like symptoms (e.g. sore throat, fever, cough etc.)

   We encourage members to please download the new Government mobile App “TraceTogether” at to play our part in community-driven contact tracing.

Be well, be safe.

Jai Jinendra

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