Lift Renovation Work At The Sthanak

Jai Jinendra,


This is to inform all members that renovation work of the lift at the SJRS Sthanak has commenced on 8th Sep 2020.

SJRS Sthanak Lift Unavailable During Lift Renovation Period: 8 Sep 2020 till 8 Nov 2020

During this lift renovation period, the old lift will be dismantled followed by new lift installation / testing / commissioning / certification.

If you plan to book any Darshan slots during this lift renovation period, keep in mind that there is no lift available and access to Level 2 is only through staircases.

Reservation of Darshan timeslot will continue to be available as per the current COVID19 safe management plan (Reference: ).

All members and their families are advised to exercise caution when visiting the Sthanak during this lift renovation period.

Should you encounter any issues or have any feedback regarding the renovation, please approach any of the MC members or email <>. Please do not interact with the contractor staff directly.

We will notify all members once the new lift is ready for members’ use. Thank you for your understanding and support. We apologise for the inconveniences you may face during the Lift Renovation Period.🙏


Facilities Management Subcommittee, SJRS

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