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Classes for 2018


Following is the calendar for classes for January to March 2018:
JAN-187thJain Shala Classes10.15am-12.30pm
14thNo Class
21stJain Shala Classes10.15am-12.30pm
28thJain Shala Classes10.15am-12.30pm
FEB-184thJain Shala Classes-
Level 1 - Oral Exams
Level 2-4 - Written Exams
11thJain Shala Classes -
Level 1 - No Class
Level 2-4 - Oral Exams
18thNo Class - Chinese New Year
25thJain Shala Classes10.15am-12.30pm
MAR-184thJain Shala Classes10.15am-12.30pm
11thJain Shala Classes10.15am-12.30pm
18thJain Shala Classes10.15am-12.30pm
25thJain Shala Classes10.15am-12.30pm
Classes for Jain Shala Students will be announced here, usually on a quarterly basis. Please check back here regularly for announcement of changes, cancellations and special classes or off-site classes.
All classes will be held at the Jain Sthanak, 18 Jalan Yasin, from 10.15am-12.30pm. Please ensure your child arrives for the classes on time. However, please be aware of any special timings which may be listed above from time to time.
For parents who are sending their child for the first time this quarter, or have not met the teachers yet, kindly approach any of them, so that they can get to know you and your child better.
If you know of anyone else whose children are between 4-12 years old, please encourage them to send them for Jain Shala. They can register their children by emailing
Feel free to contact any of the SJS teachers if you have any queries or need any clarifications.

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