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President’s Message







Rajesh R. Shah (SJRS MC 2016-17)


Dear Members,

Jai Jinendra,

Thank you for re-electing me as your President at the last AGM held on 03 Aril 2016. The composition of the   Management Committee (MC) and Extended Management Committee (EMC) generally remains intact for this next term; with the addition of several past committee returning to serve, and several new members that have chosen to join in service of the community. Together, we will once again strive to serve SJRS members and the Jain community to the best of our abilities.

Immediately following the AGM, we celebrated Mahavir Jayanti (MJ) on 1st May. This year’s drama on the 14 Sapnas, was put up by our Jain Shala children, guided by the JS teachers, and with the help of parent volunteers. The JS children put up enthusiastic and heartwarming performances. From the applause, it was plain for all to see that the hard work put in was recognized and appreciated. It was surely a proud moment for the Jain Shala team as it reinforced their belief that a good foundation in our Jain principles and practices was crucial in molding our young ones into fine adults. Prior to the JS program, Members were treated to a special menu of Jain varieties for dinner.

This year’s MJ celebrations came at the conclusion of our annual Ayambil Oli Parve (13th to 21st April); which saw up to 50 Ayambils on the last day and 23 members who completed the entire 9 days. I am proud to see that we have had increasing participation in this holy activities year on year. My sincerest thanks to the ladies wing volunteers, senior ladies, and volunteers who were the first to arrive, but the last to leave for all 9 days. The seva you do is the purest form of Dharma.

This year we have the distinct honor of a 3 or 4 day program lead by none other than Pujya Jinchandraji Maharaj Saheb, from 5th to 9th August. Reserve these dates and look out for more information in the upcoming Circulars.

Later in the year, we will be observing our Paryushan Parve. This year, we shall be led by Chandrakantbhai Mehta; who has led us for Paryushan before. These 8 days of internal reflection and forgiveness will be followed Samuh Parna at a date to be determined. Further details will be shared in our regular Circulars. Look out for them.

As we move forward this new term, the various Sub-Committees will be going through further re-alignments; with concrete efforts to form and develop teams that will facilitate smooth and continual succession. In order to do this; we shall need each and every Member to step forward to volunteer in their area of interest. You may approach any of our MC/EMC and they will be most delighted to assist you.

As suggested and agreed at the AGM, Constitutional Review Committee will be put in place soon. Their task will be to review, scrutinize and recommend changes to the SJRS Constitution; which was last updated about 10 years ago. The aim is to have a new version of the SJRS Constitution, that is up to date with the changes within our community in the last decade; and to have it remain relevant for the next decade and beyond.

In line with being an active member of IRO, SJRS via its MC, EMC, IRO Representatives, continue to participate in numerous activities organized by IRO and the 9 other religious societies on a monthly basis.

In conclusion, I wish to extend my personal thanks to all donors & volunteers for their generous contributions in one way or another over the past year. The MC/EMC is fully committed to be of service, and we wish our Members a healthy and prosperous year ahead.


Jai Jinendra,

Rajesh R. Shah

Singapore Jain Religious Society


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