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President’s Message

Dr Mitesh Shah

Dr Mitesh Shah

Dear Members,

Jai Jinendra. A warm welcome to ALL.

2013 was a year full of activities for the Singapore Jain Samaj. We had a blissful Ayambil Oli and wonderful Mahavir Jayanti celebrations. We also had a grander celebration to commemorate the 5th Adhaar Abhishek, and invited the renowned Ashishbhai Mehta and troupe, to lead the puja & Diwali and Bestu Varas programs, from 1st to 4th Nov. Their energetic & soulful performances and unique programs, together with the full enthusiastic support from members, made the occasion more meaningful. 2014 will be no less.

After the AGM this year, we had the opportunity to listen to discourses by 2 Bhav Dikshit from India. We also had the honour of hosting a renowned artiste, Shri Kumarji Chatterjee. Later this year, we will have our Paryushan, led by Shri Pravinbhai K Shah from JAINA, USA. We will be celebrating Diwali with Adhaar Abhishek for Bhagwan Mahavir.

YJS continues to organise activities for our youth and young adults (12-25 years). We must support their enthusiasm and drive to do more for the Society. Members who have children in this age group are encouraged to have them sign up for YJS. It will help build a stronger base for the future leaders of our Society.

Our community outreach team, COMMIT, continues to aid our adopted charities. This year we will be sourcing for some new Charities to support. Volunteers meet on a regular basis to plan and organise activities for the welfare of the needy in Singapore. Members are encouraged to volunteer their time to the team. I’m confident that you will definitely feel that your time is well spent and your sense of accomplishment will be priceless!

A lifetime of education in religion helps us grow as better people. Swadhyay is an important part of our Jain religion. SJRS, with the help of volunteers and the Singapore Jain Shala (SJS) is actively looking at ways and means of delivering Jain knowledge to all age groups in our Society. They are doing a wonderful job in nurturing our young minds. There are various groups organising Bhaktamar and Satsang on a regular basis. We also have the Senior Citizens Wing and Ladies Wing, which organise activities on a quarterly basis. Updates on their activities will be made available in our Circulars and on our website.

Just a reminder that henceforth, all new members will be encouraged to sign up for Life Membership and to make Regular GIRO Contributions.

Having had Jainism accepted as a member faith of Inter-Religious Organisation (IRO), we as Jains are even more actively engaged in Singapore, as part of a multi-religious and multi-racial community. We are continuously learning more about other religions and their beliefs, whilst at the same time sharing with others our Jain faith.

We thank all donors for their generous contributions over the years. I also thank all our volunteers and members for their full support in enabling the success of our events and activities. We hope to continue to serve your needs better. Feedback on our activities is welcome.


Jai Jinendra,
Dr Mitesh Shah
Singapore Jain Religious Society


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