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Mother’s Day 2014

The Mothers’ Day Event organised by the Ladies’ Wing of the SJRS on 18 May ’14 was a resounding success. The team had a very short runway to organise the event as the months of March and April were very busy months preparing and volunteering for the Ayambil Oli and Mahaveer Jayanti sangh jaman. Nevertheless, the members of the Ladies Wing pulled together and made it come true.

 Despite having barely two weeks to organise the event, the ladies in the organising team worked hard to plan the games, the lunch menu, the door gifts, prizes and the decoration of the hall. There were approximately 75 participants for the event with ages ranging from 30 to 80+. 

The morning began with the participants trying out some games set up at various stations as well as writing mothers’ day messages which were later displayed on the wall. They were then organised into 4 groups for the rest of the morning for the group games which also involved lots of music, singing and dancing. It was such a pleasure to see even the older masis enjoying themselves doing disco, bhangra and bharatnatyam. 

There is nothing like a good meal to end an event, and the ladies were not disappointed! A scrumptious Gujarati meal of Ras, Poori, Fajeto and Bhinda nu shaak had been catered. The best mothers’ Day message was read out before everyone left feeling very happy and satisfied with their door gift and prizes.

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